(Meetings on the 3rd Friday of every month)


Catering to Austin-area Business Owners, Managers, and Investors with a Prominent International Element to their Current or Planned Businesses

We gather regularly to share challenges and insight related to international business issues, and we welcome executives and managers who have global growth goals or other international management issues as well as investors with internationally-focused companies in their portfolios. 

Our group also includes Austin-area representatives from the City, State, and Federal government, the Chamber of Commerce, public/private business assistance centers, and local institutions of higher education to ensure that we benefit from all perspectives and are apprised of all international business opportunities in the community. 

We meet monthly for lunch on the second Friday of each month at 11:30.  We typically have speakers as well as time for group networking.  View our Calendar to see next month’s speaker and meeting venue.

Please sign up to the group list to stay informed about meeting times and benefit from the knowledge of the group in any international business questions you may have.

Group email austininternationalgroup@yahoogroups.com

Yahoo Group Page http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/austininternationalgroup/

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